Unveiling Ceremony for the “Price of Liberty” statue at the Texas Capital, Saturday, December 2, 2017


The SAPGR has been invited and responded affirmatively to the “Price of Liberty” Memorial Unveiling and Dedication Event at the Texas Capitol!
We would like to attend as a group and ride up that way on Saturday, December 2, 2017.  If there is enough interest from our membership we will develop a mission and organize a staging area and times.
Please respond NLT 15 November to Jean Clark  at txjcpgr@gmail.com so we can get a count of members, bikes, passengers, and trail vehicles (support vehicles).  We will need a lot of flags!
In your response email, please include:
Vehicle: MC / CAGE / SUPPORT
Passanger: YES   /  NO
Lunch Ticket(s):  Self Explanatory (Projected $10 each, may fluctuate)
Appears to be a very solemn and fun day!
Mr. Jean “Dae Wi” Clark
Deputy State Captain
Patriot Guard, San Antonio, TX
Dignity, Honor, Respect
Cell:  210-452-2745

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