Subscription to Mailing list

I know and appreciate that most of the patriots on our page receive mission information through this channel of communication and it is quite effective.

However, at times, when a surprise is needed we can not put out the information on social media. Please go to and sign up for our mail distribution list, as those types of missions are up lifting and special, you will not be disappointed.

Please remember that signing up does not obligate you to doing anything for the SA PGR, you do not have to ride a motorcycle to honor and respect our veterans and participate in our events and the other events we share with other organizations!

Again SA PGR Brothers, Sisters and other supporters, thank you all for what you do for Veterans, “What you can, when you can!”


There has been a few that have not confirmed their subscription. If you have not confirmed your subscription you will not receive any mission emails till it is accomplished. If you are having problems finding the confirmation email after you have checked your Junk or Spam folders we can manually add you. Please contact the Webmaster or Site Admin to be manually added.

Please add the email address for the mission emails SA PGR, to your contacts to help with delivery.

Please do not mark our emails as spam as it causes emails not to be recieved by other members in support of the missions we do. Currently we are having problems delivering emails to Yahoo, AOL, and Ymail email addresses due to this happening. If you no longer wish to receive these emails please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every email we send and accomplish the confirmation to be removed. Another way would be to send an email to the Webmaster or Site Admin requesting to be removed from the email list.


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