Letter of gratitude from a Gold Star Family

Below is a letter of gratitude from a Gold Star Family touched by the PGR, received from the National President of PGR, and State Ride Captain Steve Conger.  As you can see this was sent to the President of the Board of Directors first. Anne stopped me as she was about to go through security and requested I send it to all the PGRs who participated this week. It is requested that it he posted for all to share.

Rick Crabb


From: Anne Murray
Dear Patriot Guard Rider family,

My name is Anne Murray, from St. Louis Missouri. I have three children ages 1, 5, and 7. My husband Major Brian P. Murray passed away in February 2017, and was an Air National Guard Air Force pilot stationed at Scott Air Force base in Illinois.

I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge and say thank you for how the Patriot Guard riders of Missouri, Illinois, and Texas have helped my family during this past year.

At our wake in March, you presented me with a folded American flag. You held the door open for our guests at the funeral and stayed present to ensure a peaceful and honorable service. You escorted our procession to the cemetery so that we could all stay together and so our family could be respected.

You greeted me at the airport in St. Louis for our trip to Snowball Express, a fun trip for children and surviving parents of fallen military, and carried my luggage for me.
You cheered for my kids as they walked to their plane.
You worked with police to shut down major highways and escort us around Dallas at Snowball Express. You were present on the bus and at every Dallas event with smiling faces. You made my children their own biker vests with their own patches and pins.

You helped me find my husband’s flag on the honor grounds in Dallas, stood with me while I cried so I didn’t have to stand alone, and hugged me. You offered to take my picture with my children and I in front of the flag and patiently took it many times to make sure it was just right.

My children believe even more that their dad was a hero because of how you have treated my family with such dignity and honor. You make me proud to live in a country where I have the privilege of walking alongside people with such integrity and patriotism. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are so grateful to be part of your family. I would appreciate if you could share this letter with the Texas, Missouri, and Illinois riders.

Anne Murray
Austin Murray (age 7)
Brennan Murray (age 5)
Corinne Murray (age 1)

If this doesn’t make you cry like it did me, you are in the wrong business. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! My heart goes out to everyone that helped inane way by doing “WHAT YOU CAN WHEN YOU CAN”!! HOOAH PGR!!

Respectfully,Mr. Jean “Dae Wi” Clark
Deputy State Captain
Patriot Guard, San Antonio, TX
Dignity, Honor, Respect
Cell:  210-452-2745

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