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[2015] Eric McGarrah - Marine / Army Veteran - 02 Nov 2015

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[2015] Eric McGarrah - Marine / Army Veteran - 02 Nov 2015

Post by sgtmack » 24 Dec 2016, 17:54

The Patriot Guard has been invited by the family to stand and honor Staff Sergeant Eric McGarrah for funeral and interment services on Monday (Nov 02). SSgt. McGarrah passed while active duty Army, and during his military career, he served with the Marines deploying to Afghanistan for 2 tours and in Somalia, then after re-enlisting into the Army, he deployed for 2 tours in Iraq. Funeral services will be held at Southside Funeral Home 8:00am, where the Patriot Guard will establish a flag line prior to the service. After which, will move in LEO escorted procession to Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery for interment services with military honors at 9:30am, where a final flag line will be formed. If available, please try to attend to honor one of our active duty troops, and help support the family during their time of loss. Thank you.

** Helmets Are Required While Riding On Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery Grounds **

Staging – 7:00am w/Briefing at 7:15am
Southside Funeral Home
6301 S Flores St
San Antonio, Tx
Map Link -

Low 53* / High 82*

Ride Captain
Mike Judge

Flag Truck
Alice Wagener

Any questions regarding this mission, please contact

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