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Some Common Acronyms You May Hear

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Some Common Acronyms You May Hear

Post by sgtmack » 25 Dec 2016, 03:11

ACRONYMS (Just a few you may hear)

ASC: Assistant State Captain

ADD: Active Duty Death

ADSC: Assistant Distric State Captain

CAGE: A car, truck, or van

CAGER: Someone Driving A car, truck, or van

CAO: Casuality Affairs Office or Casuality Affairs Officer

DOVES: Favor peace

DSC: District State Captain

FC: Flag Captian

FD: Fire Department

HAWKS: Favor war

HOTH: Help on the Homefront

KIA: Killed In Action

KSU: Kick Stands Up

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer

LDF: Legal Defense Fund

MIAP: Missing in America Project

OEF: Operation Enduring Freedom

OIF: Operation Iraqi Freedom

PD: Police Department

POC: Point of Contact

PGR: Patriot Guard Rider

RC: Ride Captain

RCIC: Ride Captain In Charge

SA PGR: San Antonio Patriot Guard

SEMPER FI: Always Faithful

SEMPER GUMBY: Always Flexible


SRC: Senior Ride Captain

SC: State Captain

UG: Uninvited Guests

WAA: Wreaths Across America

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