Confirmed Part 2 of 2:Jack Bustos, Veteran US Navy (146-19) 13 AUG 19

August 13, 2019 @ 11:45 am – 2:30 pm
Mission Park Funeral Chapels South
Mission Park Funeral Chapels
Cemeteries & Cremation Services, 1700 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214

The family of Mr. Jack Bustos, a US Navy Veteran, requests the presence and participation of the San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders at the services, LEO supported procession, and graveside rendering of military honors of their loved one.Mr. Jack Bustos was in the US Navy from 1977 to 1981. He was on the USS David R. Ray and he was a Petty Officer Second Class E5 Yeoman. He was Honorable Discharge from the USS Dubuque in San Diego, California.

WEATHER: Hi 102 / Lo 78, 7% Chance of Rain, 53% Humidity

REQUESTOR:  Gina Gomez, Daughter

STAGING:  1800 Hours, Monday, August 12, 2019
                  Mission Park Funeral Chapels South
                  1700 Military Drive
                  San Antonio, Tx 78214
BRIEFING:  1815 Hours

SERVICE: 1900 Hours
                  Mission Park Funeral Chapels South
                  1700 Military Drive
                  San Antonio, Tx 78214
RC:   Michael “Twin Tower” Roberts
FC:   Alice “Cake Lady” Wagener


WEATHER: Hi 104 / Lo 78, 6% Chance of Rain, 45% Humidity

STAGING:  1145 Hours, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Mission Park Funeral Chapels South
1700 Military Drive
San Antonio, Tx 78214

BRIEFING:  1200 Hours

HONOR LINE:    1230 Hours

KSU:  1245 Hours (Semper Gumby)

INTERMENT:   1330 Hours Shelter #3
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209

RC:   Bob “Pizza Man” Johnson

FC:   Alice “Cake Lady” Wagener


1. Iron horses if you can, cages are always welcome and appreciated and unless under special circumstances not allowed in processions. You do not have to have a motorcycle to participate in honoring our veterans.

2. Safety First: Please remember to properly hydrate (including the night before) before any outdoor activity and to dress appropriately. Do not hesitate to take a break at any time if you feel you need to get in the shade or get indoors and always ask for help at any time. Also please do not forget your sun screen.

3. Please remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent, and with honor and. NO TALKING, SMOKING, CHEWING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, OR CELL PHONE USE IN THE FLAG LINE!

4. Cemeteries are hallowed ground. Please keep radios off and engine noise to a minimum. Observe the 15 MPH speed limit. Show our respect to ALL who are in attendance.

5. If riding/driving a motorcycle on Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, which is located within a Military Installation, you will need to wear closed toe shoes, long sleeve shirt, gloves, DOT approved helmet, eye protection, long pants, and boots/shoes that cover the ankle.

 ***Safety Notice***
Before volunteering and/or attending any San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders missions we encourage you to review all safety information below.  Included are some potential safety concerns to be aware of, however this does not include the full scope of all potential hazards.  Anyone attending any San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders mission understands that they do so at their own risk. Neither the Patriot Guard Riders Organization nor its representatives are liable for any damages incurred on any PGR mission or event.
Funeral Processions/Escorts

EVERY RIDER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety at all times while riding in a funeral procession.

At NO TIME are any riders authorized to block any intersection or otherwise block or impede traffic laws in any way.  Only Law Enforcement officials are authorized to block and/or impeded the lawful flow of traffic.

If you choose to fly a flag on your bike you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring it is secured and not a danger to any other rider or traffic.

Warm Regards,
Bob “Pizza Man” Johnson
Deputy State Captain
San Antonio Patriot Guard
Honor, Dignity, Respect
Cell: (562) 413-2223