CONFIRMED: Robert Dittmar, Veteran US Marines, (179-21) 11 Sep 21

September 11, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 4:30 pm
Castle Ridge Northwest
10901 W Loop 1604 N
Helotes, TX 78023

The family of Mr. Robert Dittmar, a US Marine Corps Veteran, requests the presence and participation of the San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders at the services, LEO supported procession, and graveside rendering of military honors of their loved one. We are honored to accept this invitation.

Robert J. Dittmar, “Rob” as many of his family and friends knew him, was born on October 31, 1972.  He arrived early to the surprise of his mother, Rosemary Dittmar Nelson, and father, Howard Terrell Dittmar, to claim the most awesome of birthdays that there ever was.
At a young age, Rob became the slayer of gnomes made of stone, a scar on his forehead to prove it.  His older brother, David recounts, “Yep, Rob wasn’t going to take anyone’s word for it. He wanted to experience everything for himself. Even at a young age I knew cement beat flesh. He wasn’t going to let some little stone kid with a lantern stand on his putting green. Charging straight ahead, Rob was bigger than the cement structure holding the lamp but he failed to realize cement was stronger than flesh; he learned a valuable lesson that day. Luckily for him, he never needed to repeat it.  Consequently, I nicknamed him early on as “piñata boy “; as he would never take advice. I’d often tell him to just stay on the trail and life would be so much easier, he didn’t believe in it; he wanted to find out for himself, even if that caused him to feel every bump along the way, so be it.”

Rob terrorized his baby sister, Sharon (that would be me) only so I could grow up and spar with him for the rest of his human life.  I proved to be a worthy adversary for which he both loved and admired me for but also wished at times I would just up and fuck off.  I enjoy traveling the globe and would send him pictures to drive him insanely jealous but mostly so we could continue our banter and pissing contests over who was the most adventurous traveler.

Rob enjoyed heading down to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Cali and Mexico to scuba dive in shark filled waters.  He loved being on a board or a boat with the ocean beneath him.  He also enjoyed heading up West into the National Parks and hiking amongst the bears he accidentally disturbed.  He jumped into any adventure that put him in the arena with apex predators, the more the better.  He is quoted as saying, “I worked damn hard for these muscles to be taken out by a wasp, it better be a shark or a grizzly bear, at least they would go to a life force that appreciated them.”  He could often be found on the beach enjoying a cold beer, a margarita, a vodka, or his favorite drink of all… a free one.  Rob often enjoyed reading book after book, most recently by author Clive Cussler. Rob had many friends, made friends out of strangers, was a Casanova to many women, always stood tall with his band of Marine brothers, was never a boring son, treasured (most days) being our brother, and was the proudest father that there ever was of his two children.

Rob died of complications due to COVID while attempting to save children from a burning school bus that was aboard a sinking battleship while running across the Khumbu icefall on the Nepali slopes of Mount Everest.  All of the school children survived, Rob did not.

To Vegas:  You can now throw away that “banned for life” file on Rob.  He is no longer going to be your issue as he’s moved on to attempting to be banned from greater arenas.

Rob, 48, left this earth after living one hell of a life on Sunday, August 1, 2021 in San Antonio, Texas. Rob did not leave this life quietly or peacefully.  He fought until his heart stopped, then came back to life to give his family and children the most memorable few days before his final exit.  He was and will always remain in the memories of all who knew him, one badass motherfucker.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson

Rob Dittmar, the first of his name, King of Castles, Son of the Compass Rose (Mom), Protector of This Great Nation serving in the United States Marine Corp, Force Reconnaissance, Explorer of Many Great Mountain Trails, Guard of Poseidon’s Sea, Runner of Multiple Marathons, Driver of Big Rigs, Self-Appointed Philosopher of his Generation, Teacher of Future Leaders, Jumper Out of Perfectly Good Planes, the Reader of Books and Writer of Poems, Surfer (well sort of), Pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago, the Unburnt of the Car that was on Fire While He Drove it, Snake Chaser (or as he called them, Danger Noodles),  the Father of a Queen, Kaitlin Ulch (Connor) and of a King, Andrew John Dittmar.  Grandfather to Case and Maggie, Brother to David Anthony Dittmar (Jolene) and Sharon Elizabeth Dittmar (Greg), Uncle to nieces and nephews Alexander and Ava Dittmar; Mark, Cohen and Laine Asbell.

In Rob’s words…..
“Please ask people to donate to your favorite charity, as I will need no flowers, I am already dancing in a field of them.” Or make a donation to the U.S. National Park Foundation in his name to protect the mountain trails he loved to travel along for future generations to enjoy

WEATHER: Hi 95 / Lo 73, 0% Chance of Rain, 87% Humidity, Wind: 5 mph E

REQUESTOR:  Sharon Dittmar, Sister

STAGING:  11:30 am, Saturday, September 11, 2021
Castle Ridge Northwest
10901 W. Loop 1604 N.
San Antonio, TX 78254

BRIEFING:  11:45 am

FLAG LINE:  12:00 pm

SERVICE:  12:30 pm
Castle Ridge Northwest
10901 W. Loop 1604 N.
San Antonio, TX 78254

KSU:  3:30 pm (Semper Gumby)

HONOR RIDE:   3:30 pm

HONOR LINE – When we get back to the Funeral Home

RC:   John “Johnny Boy” Moody

FC:   Alice “Cake Lady” Wagener


1. Iron horses if you can, cages are always welcome and appreciated and unless under special circumstances not allowed in processions. You do not have to have a motorcycle to participate in honoring our veterans.

2. Safety First: Please remember to properly hydrate (including the night before) before any outdoor activity and to dress appropriately. Do not hesitate to take a break at any time if you feel you need to get in the shade or get indoors and always ask for help at any time. Also please do not forget your sun screen.

3. Please remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent, and with honor and. NO TALKING, SMOKING, CHEWING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, OR CELL PHONE USE IN THE FLAG LINE!

4. Cemeteries are hallowed ground. Please keep radios off and engine noise to a minimum. Observe the 15 MPH speed limit. Show our respect to ALL who are in attendance.

5. If riding/driving a motorcycle on Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, which is located within a Military Installation, you will need to wear closed toe shoes, long sleeve shirt, gloves, DOT approved helmet, eye protection, long pants, and boots/shoes that cover the ankle.

 ***Safety Notice***
Before volunteering and/or attending any San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders missions we encourage you to review all safety information below.  Included are some potential safety concerns to be aware of, however this does not include the full scope of all potential hazards.  Anyone attending any San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders mission understands that they do so at their own risk. Neither the Patriot Guard Riders Organization nor its representatives are liable for any damages incurred on any PGR mission or event.
Funeral Processions/Escorts
EVERY RIDER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety at all times while riding in a funeral procession.

At NO TIME are any riders authorized to block any intersection or otherwise block or impede traffic laws in any way.  Only Law Enforcement officials are authorized to block and/or impeded the lawful flow of traffic.

If you choose to fly a flag on your bike you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring it is secured and not a danger to any other rider or traffic.

Warm Regards,
Bob “Pizza Man” Johnson
Deputy State Captain
San Antonio Patriot Guard
Honor, Dignity, Respect
Cell: (562) 413-2223